what we are

Rethinking the system requires understanding the existing perfectly.

  what we are

Rethinking the system requires understanding the existing perfectly.





The team around V-REX combines a wide variety of competences,
which enable this revolutionary project.


Sailing competence

Well-founded sailing expertise from training to regatta sailing, offshore racing and high-tech sailing. Numerous podium places and achievements confirm this. Especially in boatbuilding, applied sailing physics with stable load distribution is one of the topics that only allow fast and efficient boats to be created.


Boat design

Above all, the radical and innovative concept of V-REX sets us apart from conventional boat designers. The fact that components also became patentable in the process confirms our unique selling proposition. Naval engineering confirms that we can apply sailing physics efficiently.


CFD simulations

It is a must to simulate new designs on the computer and collect data and/or perform wind tunnel tests with models before venturing into the implementation of a prototype.

icon_structure design

Structure design

Structural design involves not only the choice of the right material, but also calculations based on load-case studies. Location and laminate plans, as well as technical drawings and construction manuals are produced.


Composite construction

The most common materials in the boat building sector (sports boats to offshore boats) are GRP and CFRP. An understanding of the composition as well as the type of construction can lead to enormous weight savings. Whether infusion technology, wet laminate technology, pre-preg or the use of autoclaves are decisive questions.



Line routing, hardware arrangement, reinforcements for any hydraulics to be used, control technology, space and action room for crew as well as operability are just a few things that need to be considered before the start of prototype construction. Possible mock-ups up to the choice of the mold construction are an extremely important decision.


Customized hydraulics

More and more components on high-performance sailboats are operated by hydraulic systems. Whether canting keel, outhaul or rig tensioning, many demands are placed on hydraulics. Saltwater resistance, lightweight construction, size, mode of operation (single- or double-acting), ratio of forces, and valve systems with the right connection components.


Customized control electronics and sensor technology

The V-REX is the first and only sailboat that is controlled similar to an airplane with joystick, pedals and switches. Significantly more actuators are used than on a conventional sailboat. Almost all components are transmitted by the controls in a command input to the "heart" of the control system. This input is transferred to the hydraulics and receive the current position via feedback loops from the sensors.


Boatbuilding consulting

No matter what questions are involved in boat building and which phase you are in. The V-REX team can advise and support in design, planning and calculation up to construction supervision.