Current development status prototype

The V-REX Sport prototype has been completed. With a length of 10.30 m, a width (wingspan) of 12.20 m and a draft of 4.10 m, it was built entirely in composite carbon fiber.

The actuators in the V-REX are operated via a hydraulic system, which uses feedback sensors to reflect the position and performance of the crew via 2 displays.
The helmsman has control elements similar to those in an airplane cockpit. Joy-stick, pedals and switches provide the helmsman with all steering and control elements except for the jib. The parallel to aeronautics is significant, and so the crew not only operates the sails and rudder, but also the aerodynamic components on the stabilization surfaces such as ailerons and canard wing.

A water ballast tank holds 200 l of volume and is filled through flaps. Via a drainage line, the water ballast is transferred from port to starboard in seconds by gravity.

The latest tests under sail focus on the calibration of the steering system. The test location is currently being moved from Kiel to the northern Adriatic. This will allow the sailing tests to continue over the winter months.