Initial towing tests major success!

It was a big mile stone for us to test V-REX prototype first time on the water.

This test was only focused on the take-off-speed and if V-REX high-speed-foils will create enough lift even in low speed situations.

Without the lift of the sails (V-REX is heeling into windward) and without ailerons (fixed in position) we reached our target more than we expected.

BIG SUCCESS and also big thanks to the uncounted thoughts and scientifically calculation of all people involved in the aero- and hydrodynamics of V-REX.

Also Peter Steinkogler, designer and head of V-REX-project,  was more than happy to fly first time on the very impressive prototype. “I am really proud that after all structural engineering, naval development and CFD-calculation my initial model is just 3 % away from the prototype we are testing right now.

Stay tuned.