Amazing Tests and Proof of Concept

With a crew of 5 people we had one week time to test the V-REX Prototype under sails. As this is the very first sailing vessel of its kind we have to find out how to proceed after successfully towing tests.
The scientifically proof done with CFD simulations and wind channel tests at the technical University of Graz should be shifted into reality now.

There are so many parameters we have to consider.
Water ballast tanks, design heeling momentum into windward, aerodynamic wing angles and ailerons use, foiling on 4 m foil shaft, angle of attack,… All this parameters must be considered and tested.
As the V-REX Prototype is also the very first sailing vessel helmed with a joy stick, pedals and switches, it was also a challenge to use all these tools in the right way.

ONE MOMENT IN TIME: After some fails and a lot of trials we had this moment, where the V-REX get on his foils with heeling into windward and immediately he accelerated a lot. Now it is understood and proofed, that if the V-REX gets in its designated sailing movement he will perform as predetermined and calculated. We are really happy and also a bit proud that all this becomes reality now.