Sailing erectus

Anthropologists stated that people were able to walk upright for the first time around 1.6 million years ago. They call these very first humans HOMO ERECTUS.  It was the break through of the human race.

V-REX combines the letter “V” (Velocity) with the latin word “REX” which means “King”. But it is not only about this very nice association to the T-REX which is common know as the Tyrannosaurus Rex (King of the Dinosaur) it is also that the very first sailing vessel which will raise up to 3.5 meters above the sea level and stabilize itself aero- and hydrodynamical wise. So the V-REX will be also the very first sailing vessel sailing over the waves – SAILING ERECTUS!

As assembling moves on for our first prototype. We are working hard on the actuatoric of our hydraulic system. For that we have to overcome much more  stability issues as a regular sailing vessel and even as a regular aeroplane. 

It is more a mixture made out of aero- and hydrodynamical issues, load case studies and fortex / resistance calculation  in order to control the pitch- and roll-momentum of V-REX.  Never before a “flying-sailing-vessel existed like this.

This is one of the steps we are going right now to proof our final vision, that sailing technology can enable us to transport our goods silent and emission free with high speed across our oceans! Stay tuned.