The way for prototyping

Of course initially you have an idea, how sailing could be more efficient, faster, easier to handle and safer. A sailing boat, which turns the sailing concept up side down. Doing scientifically tests, showing the soft proof of the concept. Not enough and still a long way to the first prototype:

  • Naval engineering
  • Structural engineering and
  • System engineering AND
  • do not forget the financial issue! 🙂

… which makes than out of an idea and some sketches a real working design.

Now, we are close to realize the prototype and soon the first CNC will start working on our idea.


On the left hand side you see the development only of our bow which should have different purposes.

a) extend the waterline in order to be faster in displacement mode

b) be sharp and aerodynamical, once V_REX is airborne and therefore not to cause turbulences.

c) in case of a so called “Nose-Dive” develop some uplift through out of its upper shape.

d) the retractable bow will also work as an collision bulkhead.

e) throughout the retractable design, it will generate access to the Canard-Wing actuators for maintenance.

f) and of course there is a fitting where you can simply fix your bow line.

This is just one example of one of our very simply pieces on the V-REX.